PlayStation Store returns; PlayStation Plus loyalty benefits outlined

Good news for PS3 owners: The PlayStation Store is now back online! Bad news for PS3 owners: it seems that absolutely everybody knows that the PlayStation Store is back online. So many people are trying to access it at once, there are error messages and missing content all over the place. Some people have been reporting staggeringly slow downloads, missing or broken content, or even the inability to access the store at all.

Sony is working on improving the situation as we type this however, and things will of course ease naturally as the traffic eases.

The free “Welcome Back” content is not available at time of writing, but it is promised “very soon”. Details of PlayStation Plus benefits have been revealed on the EU PlayStation blog however, including extras available only to those who were members before PSN went down. Content available to everybody including those enjoying the 30 days free subscription (when it goes live) includes Burnout Paradise, Streets of Rage 2, 20% off Beyond Good & Evil HD (starting 8th June), and 50% off Worms.

Remember: any content that you receive via Plus but do not pay for is deactivated when your subscription runs out.

People who were PlayStation Plus members on or before 21st April enjoy extra benefits. First of all, April content will be available for them up until the 15th June. They also get the previously promised 60 days extra free on top of their existing subscription; plus some “extra treats” during the month. Exactly what these ‘treats’ will be has not been revealed…

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    So I’ve downloaded Wipeout HD and Infamous for my PS3 and Little Big Planet on PSP, but I’m not sure what to get between Killzone Liberation and ModNation Racers on PSP. Any suggestions much appreciated.

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