Grease game launch trailer

The one that you (might) want is finally taking advantage of the latest motion detection gadgetry, as Grease the game is now available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The live action launch trailer above demonstrates all of the arm swinging, hip jigging gameplay that the Kinect and PlayStation Move systems have encouraged since their inception.

Developed by Zoe Mode and published by 505 Games, Grease features officially licensed song compositions and familiar choreography that fans (and probably friends of fans) will recognise from the movie.

“Grease is an all-time classic entertainment property and it is with great pleasure that 505 Games is able to bring this updated re-imagining of the brand into the homes of fans this holiday season,” said Ralph Pitt-Stanley, General Manager – UK and Export for 505 Games. “The cutting edge new motion control technology of today’s consoles has enabled us to bring all the excitement of classic choreography and 1950’s attitude to life in ways not possible before.”

Released at the end of last week, Grease promises an interactive social singing and dancing experience and invites players to ‘turn up their style and release their inner rock ‘n roller’.

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