Warhammer 40,000: Regicide (Chess) Gameplay Teaser

Chess is going to get more Warhammer 40K-ey this year, and now we have a gameplay teaser to show us what’s in store. It boils down to very violent cinematic battles between the 40K themed chess pieces which is certainly more than enough to warrant interest for some but it also has footage of their Regicide mode. Regicide mode has leveling, abilities and pieces will have HP as well, and whilst it’s not entirely clear how much difference it’ll make, it does show that your units can (presumably) be killed in more than just the traditional Chess manner.

Regicide will also incorporate a story campaign, beginning with the first of three acts upon release, which is entitled The Angels of Death; it’ll likely revolve around the Blood Angels chapter of Space Marines. We know it’ll be just Space Marines and Orks to begin with but we also know that there are multiple Chapters of Space Marines, as the White Scars are a free bonus to anyone who signs up on the game’s site.

You can already preorder the game if you really want to and for not much extra you’ll get a t-shirt that isn’t half bad at all. The game is due to release in an early access style on PC in Q2 this year at a $14.99 price tag. Android and iOS versions will follow up later but you will have one account across all versions of the game, which has cross-platform play a la Hero Academy.

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