Activision and EA fight over Rocktober

September is just a few days away from being a mere memory and we are about to enter the month of October. That is, after all, what any calendar would have you believe, but Activision would much rather refer to it as Rocktober. So much so that they, in a recent press release regarding a limited-time discount on Guitar Hero DLC, not only featured the phrase “ROCKTOBER” in all caps, but also placed a trademark symbol next to the word itself.

This was picked up by the hawk-eyed site Joystiq who noticed that this is also the term that EA is currently using in their Brütal Legend advertising, which has the game set for a “Rocktober 13 release”. It turns out Activision actually trademarked the term as early as 2007, which could mean the end of EA’s Rocktober dreams. Neither party have been available for comment yet, but a representative for EA promised that an official statement is to be released soon. In the meantime you can view the original article and press release on Joystiq.

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Written by Rikard O

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    I’m Going To Join in The ROCKTOBER Fight I Wanna Use It Too!!

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