April Fool: Nope, no Master Chief in God of War III or Move enabled Heavy Rain!

He pities many people in the month of April.

No, of course Master Chief isn’t anywhere to be found in God of War III.

It was just our little joke: April Fool! We imagine most of you saw straight through it, but we hope you were laughing along with us. If any of you actually tried it out, hoping to take control of the Halo star in a Sony game, sorry; it’s not true.

Thanks to Ross for the sterling photoshop job.

There is also no QA tester for the Move enabled version of Heavy Rain with a friend called Bruce in Australia… so far as we know. Yes, the footage was very much fake, as many angry nerds on N4G with a sense of humour bypass howled (though thank you to those who took it in good jest). Many thanks to Kevin, who we hope had as much fun performing in the video as we had watching him!

Thank you and sorry most of all, to the sites who took one or both as real news. Please forgive us, we love you all!

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Written by Luke K

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