Apple add Xbox Live style features to iPhone

Apple have just unveiled their new OS 4.0 for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In amongst the 100 new features, like the addition of multi-tasking and the ability to group Apps into folders, they have announced GameCenter. This new feature adds Xbox Live or PSN-style features to the handheld devices, with the addition of friends lists, achievements, leaderboards, and multiplayer invites. IGN reported the news earlier.

After the news that Apple have patented a cradle for the iPhone, that includes a gaming D-pad and buttons, this is welcome news for gamers, and will surely show that Apple really do mean business in the gaming sphere. No further information was revealed in the announcement.

The new OS will be released in the summer for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and in the Autumn for the iPad.

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Written by Kevin M

I've been addicted to gaming since my parents bought an Atari console way back in the 70's. I progressed to the iconic Speccy, Amiga, and all the Playstation platforms. Having seen games evolve from single pixel bat and ball, to HD constructed environments, gaming has changed much from my early years. Having defeated the rock hard R-Type on the Speccy, the biggest challenge I've faced so far is putting up with the hordes of American teens spouting abuse in the current generation of consoles, noob indeed!

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  1. KrazyFace /

    This, I like the sound of! Even if it were just the ability to stick stuff into folders on their own, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I have so many games and apps that I have to keep dedicated ‘pages’ for them, and even at that the screens can get quite messy.

    Roll on Summer Time…

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