Final Fantasy XIV release date details and more

Twitter has once again proven a useful source of news as it happens, with the official SquareEnix Press account confirming a September 2010 release date for up coming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Sadly, for some, this is the date for the PC version only. The PS3 version of the game will not be shipping until March 2011.

The standard edition of the game will be released on September 30th, but a Collector’s Edition will be released prior to that on September 22nd. Naturally this CE comes with a higher price point and is in line with the recent MMORPG trend that others such as Aion have adopted. Along with early access it also has all manner of ultimately useless trinkets thrown in with it to entice fans to pay a little extra.

A subscription fee (potentially subject to change) was also set as £8.99 recurring for one main character slot and a retainer (a non-controllable character used for storage and selling items), with more slots costing an additional £2.10 each to a maximum of eight main characters or £0.70 per retainer character per account. Why does this suddenly feel like a maths exam?

A final note translated from the official Japanese website confirms the following PC specification suggested for the beta (which is starting sometime in early July): Windows XP/Vista/7, Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, 15GB HDD space, GeForce 9600 512MB or Radeon HD 2900 512MB and DirectX 9.

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