My Aquarium 2 out on WiiWare today

Aquariums are usually incredibly boring things that get shoved underneath the stairs and filled with fish that look to be harbouring suicidal thoughts, offering no way to wirelessly interact with them that isn’t borderline animal abuse. Well Hudson Soft is really making waves within the virtual fish market as My Aquarium 2 gets released on WiiWare today.

Exploring the relatively untapped ‘relaxation’ genre in gaming, My Aquarium 2 lets you build up a fish tank with several features and helps you enjoy virtual fish at your own pace. With eight different tank options and 60 underwater creatures including loveable critters such as the Japanese spider crab and mikado jellyfish, there’s plenty of stuff to fill your pretend fish tank with.

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Written by Anthony H

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  1. KrazyFace /

    I’m probably gonna get laughed at here but hey, I like fish! I have two aquariums in my house already, one massive one in my livingroom, and another “not so massive, but still really big” one in my bedroom. If these kinds of things were more mainstream before I’d got these tanks I’d have happily settled for buying these umm, “games” instead.

    No cleaning, no weird fish deseases, no water changes every week, no buying fishfood, no replacing plants etc, etc.

    I could go on, but I’ll just say for those of you smirking at this and thinking how sad it is, as an aquarium owner I’d actually rather have virtua-fish than real ones as you get a similar experience of enjoyment, but far FAR less hassle of ownership.

    Now, when does Milo get released so I can sell my daughter…

  2. steven g /

    Well I got the fishtank dynamic theme with my recent PSN + update, and thats nice. Not too sure Id PAY for one though 😉

    Still if you do love your fish….. I like mine with chips

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