Assassin’s Creed II Devs Squelch Fears of Repetition

The original Assassin’s Creed was a great game (depending on who you ask) with one flaw that nearly everyone can agree on: the missions were too repetitive. The goal of this new developer diary from the ACII team is to remind you repeatedly that this won’t be the case in the new game. Beyond normal assassinations, you’ll find historically accurate platforming challenges, pick-pocketeer chases, damsels in distress, and plenty of collectibles.

It all looks fun, but is anyone else worried that they took “more mission variety” to mean “way more distractions and side-quests?” Let’s hope the core assassinations get the same level of attention as all these unexpected diversions.

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Written by Joe D

Inspired by a love for obscure Sega Saturn games in the 90s, Joe is pretty much open to anything gaming has to offer. What he looks for in a game: creativity and strong design, or sometimes just an overwhelming sense of style.

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