Breaking News: Rockstar release new Weazel News video!

Due for release on 29th October, we have here a video from the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony DLC for GTA IV, which will also be included in Episodes From Liberty City, due the same day.

Using their trademark tongue-in-cheek satire, Rockstar give us a glimpse here of the new weaponry we’ll get to play with, as well as some of the characters we might get to test them out on. Look out in particular for the scrolling news bar at the bottom.

In Gay Tony, you’ll play as the titular character’s assistant Luis Lopez, aiding your bossman with his camp agenda. As the last piece of the GTA IV saga, it looks as though Rockstar are happy to move away from the gritty dramas of the previous two stories, in favour of some good old fashioned balls-to-the-walls carnage. We can expect to see attack helicopters, skydiving, powerful new weaponry and dubiously named missions (‘Going Deep’ anyone?), as Rockstar look set to give GTA IV an explosive send off.

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Written by Michael J

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  1. “Shooting Blanks: How computer games make people sterile”

    Gotta love that news ticker at the bottom!

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