Final Fantasy XIV TGS 09 Trailer

Straight from the floors of TGS we have a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV, the forthcoming MMO from Square Enix. As is the way for a Final Fantasy game we are treated to some rather pretty pre-rendered cut-scenes, showcasing the art style and set to a stirring orchestral piece by fans favourite composer Nobuo Uetmatsu.

Though the trailer doesn’t give too much away, we get a look at the five different races that will make an appearance in the game, as well as hints at a trading card game that fans of Final Fantasy’s VIII and IX will no doubt be excited about.

Square Enix are claiming to take a western influence in this latest iteration of the long-running series, but presumably they mean in game mechanics rather than presentation, as everything we see in the trailer is vintage Final Fantasy, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on your disposition towards the series.

Final Fantasy XIV is due for release next year on both PS3 and PC.

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