Quantum Theory TGS 09 Trailer

Another hit from the Tokyo Games Show, this time with a rather mental looking trailer for Quantum Theory, a third person shooter that is being developed by Team Tachyon.

From the snippets of gameplay displayed in the video, first impressions make it look like a fast paced Gears of War like shooter, with a familiar run, gun and cover system that looks to be quite slick. An epic style music and action montage shows off some rather frantic looking combat with some quite original looking weapons, tearing up some nice ‘living’ environments.

One of the major draws to this game is that fact that you are battling through a ‘living’ tower, which means that cover can appear and disappear quickly, as well as things like new paths and tunnels opening up before your very eyes. Hopefully this will make the game feel quite dynamic in the way that multiple paths could open up and potentially disappear if you do not move fast enough.

Also shown off is an interesting tag team combat mechanic, where the player can quite mercilessly throw their AI partner right into the thick of the action to give the enemies a large dose of up close and personal pain.

Quantum Theory is looking like a worthy addition to the PS3 shooters library, potentially giving the system a Gears of War like experience, but with its own unique twists that will hopefully distinguish it.

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Written by Anthony H

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