LostWinds : Winter of the Melodias available from Friday

For the 100th WiiWare title to be launched on the service, Nintendo have picked Frontier Development’s sequel to last years best selling LostWinds.

Despite sounding like some kind of JRPG, LostWinds is from the development studio led by David Braben, he of Elite fame. In the game you’ll control the elements of nature as you guide protagonist Toku on his quest to save his mother, lift an ancient curse and thwart the evil Balasar.

David Braben has this to say about the games release “We launched the original LostWinds game on WiiWare with much anticipation, as it was such an exciting and new way to access games. We are now thrilled to be able to mark the 100th game launch on WiiWare with LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias.”

To find out more about Lostwinds: Winter of the Melodias head over to: http://lostwinds.frontier.co.uk

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