Bayonetta demo now available in Japan


The Bayonetta demo went live in Japan on PSN and XBL on Thursday. As most of our readers won’t have access to the demo yet, we have a little something on it here for you. This piece uses the PS3 version of the demo for reference.

It’s unlikely that anybody reading this doesn’t know what kind of game Bayonetta is but just in case, it’s a roaming beat ’em up with a supernatural flavour. It’s reminiscent of the Devil May Cry games which, given that the game’s director Hideki Kamiya is the originator of the DMC games, shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Your avatar here is female however, which leads to some sadly inevitable developments.

The demo carries the slightly risqué subtitle ‘First Climax’ and you may not be surprised to learn that your female character is of the tall, thin, large breasted, tight clothes – wearing persuasion. Of course, you often won’t notice in amongst all the punching, kicking, and shooting of demonic monstrosities. Sometimes you will, because the game is keen for you to notice; get a long enough combo going, and Bayonetta strikes the last blow with her magical clothes, leaving her very briefly, but noticeably, naked.


Once you’ve worn a boss down enough, you strike the final blow by summoning a huge demon which is made out of…your magical clothes. Before the loneliest and greasiest amongst you get too excited however, you’ll be saddened to hear that the rudest bits always remain covered.

So far as the game’s concerned you’re a witch, but you feel more like a superhero. In the demo alone you’ll be jumping five times your own height, switching between bullets and fists in the blink of an eye, running up walls, and taking on gigantic enemies. In short: it’s great fun and, despite some minor frame rate issues, promises great things for the full game.

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