Rockstar respond to L.A. Noire crashes

Packing heat?

The most impressive thing about L.A. Noire when you watch or play it for the first time is undoubtedly the remarkable facial animation. An unspecified number of people have been pulling some interesting faces themselves, as they find that their PS3 or Xbox 360 experiences problems when trying to run Rockstar’s latest title. In all fairness, the response to these complaints has been prompt.

If you head over to Rockstar’s support pages on their website, you’ll find a page dedicated to crashing and freezing in L.A. Noire. The FAQ suggests some things for affected gamers to try, such as deleting the game data and signing out of PSN for PS3 owners, and deleting the cache for 360 owners. It is also suggested that you “Try your L.A. Noire disc in a different console or try a different L.A. Noire disc in your console”; though presumably, Rockstar aren’t expecting you to buy a new console and another copy of the game (but they probably wouldn’t mind if you did).

They also point out that it’s possible some people are experiencing a hardware issue rather than a software issue. Rockstar Support are even responding to people in the comments section now and again. At one point, in response to one user they say: “Games such as RDR and L.A. Noire that stream a lot from the disc in real time will place a greater strain on the hardware than most other games. This would explain a console in the early stages of having issues would display errant behavior at first only when playing open-world games (Rockstar and non-Rockstar alike)”.

They repeatedly state that “L.A. Noire does not cause any console problems”. As they admit no culpability regarding this issue, it is unclear if a patch will be issued. If you can prove that you have a faulty disc however, they will replace it (the same goes for any game or publisher).


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  1. Ian D /

    I’ve been bad mouthing Noire quite a bit on Twitter because I’m not really enjoying it, but I’ve not seen any proof of game problems which result in frequent crashes.

    I’ve had one freeze, it seemed fairly random and hasn’t happened since on a 360 that’s very new. It’s true what they stated about games like Noire constantly disk reading, that’s why it’s better to install it – which is a good thing in general – though I bet 360 players are less inclined to do that here because it’s three disks not one.

  2. I totally enjoy this game. however i got a faulty disc 2:(

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