Combat Arms Gets Weapon Update

PhotobucketCombat Arms, a game we’ve dropped many a sleepless night into, has just gotten a handsome weapons update.

If you’re in unfamiliar territory with Combat Arms here’s a little info. Combat Arms is a Online Free-To-Play FPS in which players can rank up and earn Gear Points, the in game currency; or if you have a little extra cash in your credit card you can spend real money on NX Cash. NX Cash is used to purchase permanent weapons.

There are some new features for how users can obtain rare weapons and preserve them for longer periods. Before the update, players could use real money to get NX Cash and purchase some weapon specific supply crates, but now players can purchase the supply crates with both NX Cash or with the in game currency Gear Points.

The update also added a Weapon Renewal Kit, which essentially allows player to extend the term of their weapon from one day to a permanent duration. Players have not worry about signing on to see their favourite weapon gone.

Three new guns have been included in the update giving us soldiers some new toys to play with. The AA-12 Shotgun, M417 SB machine gun and M93 Hornet Mine.

This March is also Machine Gun Month, during which players can enjoy liquidation sales and events that encompass machine guns.

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Written by Patrick G

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