David Braben: “Casual gamers are smart”

Give 'em a few weeks, and they'll all be fourth prestige pwning your a$$ on Modern Warfare 2.

What does the phrase ‘casual gamer’ mean to you? Are you indifferent to it? Do you consider yourself to be one? Or perhaps the mere mention of this creature fills you with rage as it conjures up an image of a talentless, dumb nobody who has no place in ‘your’ hobby? If the latter applies to you, you’re at odds with industry legend David Braben:

Many of these so called casual gamers are smart; they simply are not part of all the knowledge that has been built up over the years by hardened gamers like us. […] To a casual gamer, an FPS’s controls are still complex – it is simply they haven’t yet been drawn in by them.”

That’s what skill in any game or genre comes down to: experience. So the next time you whinge about casual gamers or ‘noobs’, remember that you weren’t born with knowledge and experience of your favourite games. David Braben (with whom we have an exclusive interview today, by the way) does.

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Written by Luke K

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