Rockstar’s final warning: The ban hammer comes down tomorrow

Dirty cheaters beware, those of you playing around with hacks on Red Dead Redemption have until tomorrow to delete your hacked save game file, or face your Gamertag or PSN ID getting banned from the game permanently.

If you are a guilty party and don’t fancy a dance with the ban hammer, you must delete all hacked game saves in single and multiplayer. After doing so you must then go online with Red Dead Redemption and play one full game or gang hideout for it to register as clean in multiplayer. For single-player hack redemption, you must play through the game whilst connected until you gain access to the safe house at MacFarlane’s Ranch.

If you are unsure whether or not you will be affected, you are probably safe. Rockstar are saying that they can spot the difference between those with hacked games and those who simply exploited a glitch in the game to grind XP.

There’s no point whining about it either as Rockstar aren’t having any of it. To be perfectly fair, they have been more than lenient by giving the cheaters a deadline to come clean rather than just banning them on the spot. If you do have a real grievance with this, or you feel you were banned unfairly, send your sad stories to and they’ll have a look over it there.

Remember kids, hacking isn’t cool or clever and can lead to long term problems with your online experience.

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Written by Anthony H

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