New Okamiden trailers released

Okami was a gorgeous looking platform paint ’em up, half Zelda and half omnipotent Rolf Harris simulator. It started life on the PS2, and later saw a Wii port; despite being a great and original game that saw critical success, it floundered at retail on both formats. Shame on all responsible! Somehow however, a sequel of sorts was born; the soon to be released DS exclusive Okamiden.

Only time will tell if this will be as good as the original Okami (or, indeed, if it will fare any better in sales). Things are looking good so far, as seen in these two recently released trailers. Is this really the best way to show the game off, though? Simulating looking over somebody’s shoulder? Surely it’s never a good idea to have the game logo twice as big as the game footage…

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Written by Luke K

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