Planetside Next confirmed

Sony Entertainment Online president John Smedley has outed the title for the follow up to MMOFPS Planetside over at his blog

He waxes lyrically about what made the original game so special for him and gives us an idea of what to expect in a sequel stating; “To me, Planetside Next means we get a chance to take the essence of everything that was fun in Planetside and make it a lot better. Massive battles on a scale no other FPS will touch. None of this 64 player stuff. REALLY MASSIVE. With much better organization, and a tight focus on making sure the action is always going on, with awesome graphics.”

Through a subtle analysis of the language Mr Smedley uses, we here at CriticalGamer have managed to discern that the intention is for the game to be rather large in scale.

Originally spotted at Joystiq

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