GoldenEye Wii official announcement and trailer coming soon?

Update – At the time of writing the trailer was taken down due to a copyright claim by Activision Games. I guess that pretty much confirms that this is legit. Excited?

After 13 years, numerous disappointing Bond titles and the foaming screams of fans world wide, the immortal words ‘Bond will be back’ may finally apply to the N64 classic, GoldenEye.

A trailer for the game has snuck out of Activision HQ onto the internet, and it looks like an incredible remake that has taken Rare’s masterpiece and cranked it up so much they have broken the dial. It features action packed gameplay that is set in explosively familiar surroundings, looking like it has taken a few leaves from the Call of Duty book of FPS rules.

A major difference for the remake however is the omission of Brosnan’s Bond, being replaced by new boy Daniel Craig.

The real bombshell that may upset or delight many is that the title will be a Wii exclusive if the trailer is anything to go by. The legal spiders web of who owns what with this game would even make deep blue wince, so it’s great news that it may have been cracked to allow this game to see a 2010 makeover.

None of this has been officially revealed mind, but the trailer looks very well polished and non-fake. Our money would be on Activision properly unveiling this sometime in the near future, after all, E3 is (or should be) where the trouser wetting game announcements happen.

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